Here We Go: Looking at Failure and Success. #1

L.Ron Hubbard produced Dianetics and Scientology and the Church of Scientology. As with every single human being, he had success and failure. These articles will consider him both as a success and as a failure. Firstly:

What did L. Ron Hubbard principally fail at?

L.Ron Hubbard produced Dianetics and Scientology and the Church of Scientology. As with every single human being, he had success and failure. These articles will consider him both as a success and as a failure. Firstly:

What did L. Ron Hubbard principally fail at?

The history of Scientology includes at least one activity of outstanding success: much of the technology, including the discipline of its application, along with some of the organizing necessary to maintain and deliver it. Accompanying this powerful achievement is a monumental failure: the collapse of the Scientology organization’s unity in the early 1980’s and its continued descent into autocracy, elitism, and isolation. Hubbard was responsible for all of this; he had some people helping him in his errors and some who saw error but were not capable of managing it. He had plenty of people happy to support him in applying the technology correctly; in my opinion, had he steadfastly respected the dedication, trust, and love they gave him, there would have been no gross failure. Hubbard, in fact, could have had much of the world at his feet. For some reason, he preferred having much of the world at his throat.

Hubbard began by creating Dianetics and then Scientology with the intention of helping people live better and happier lives in accordance with who and what they really are; he brought that work to a peak of effectiveness; this achieved, he went on to violate the ethical and other tenets of his own philosophy. In the end, he turned his life’s work over to the organization he’d built up, the collected corporate bodies known generally as The Church of Scientology. Like its parent, that organization seems to have learnt little or nothing from his errors.  Human opinion, where it concerns itself with the man, looks down on everything to do with him, feasting on the worst of his behaviours and of what it hears about the organization he left behind. But is this by any means all there is to L. Ron Hubbard? Does the totality of what he left behind consist only of a bad name and a mistrusted organization? Not at all. He gave the world a gift splendid enough to change life on earth forever. Sadly, he could not set up his offering to prosper and flourish as it thoroughly deserved.

Within this story of momentous achievement and rather sordid failure to follow it through is Hubbard’s missed opportunity of universal significance – missed unless some blessed spark will ignite a review and honest re-evaluation, carrying the best of the man’s work back into its rightful sphere as a source of helpful tools humankind can use. What could humanity use these tools to do? To help people resolve urgent planetary problems and then help them become happier with themselves and in their living of life with each other. “Scientology,” he once said, truthfully, and forgot, fatefully, “is the game in which everybody wins.”

Alas, not only did Hubbard not follow through on what he had done, he disrespected his own philosophy as he aged. His descent into relative irrelevance has tempted many into treating his best work with the same disdain with which they view, or think they view, his unworthy actions. But we humans often assert strongly that what we choose to see of a prominent person’s activity is unacceptable – as if he might be the only human being ever to misbehave; we’re then quick to conclude that everything about the man, his life, and his work is disgusting. Is this always rational? Michelangelo, they say, didn’t take off his boots for months at a time. Notice how immense crowds of people rush away from the Sistine Chapel, from Saint Peter’s, Rome, and from all his other works, disgusted by the footy stink that still pervades them.

Hubbard’s misbehaving went a lot further than the not-washing of feet. He hurt a lot of people by promising to help them resolve their problems but instead giving them other and often greater problems including the pain of humiliation and betrayal. He began the practice of “disconnection” that led to the splitting up of families. He tacitly encouraged or at least allowed the salespeople to promise results they could not deliver, and to pull from customers money they could not afford or might not have. He habitually bullied his staff and his organizations; he imposed what could be described as slave labour on loyal followers. He was addicted as a boss to periods of (as it were) spraying staff with gasoline and then throwing lit matches about; he thus could prove himself the only one able to put out the blaze – which he would blame on the staff. We dismiss Michelangelo’s feet when we open ourselves to the marvels he left us; a sense of proportion makes them trivial.  Hubbard left us some marvelous work but enforced on us his weakness, his self-torture. This we can’t and don’t overlook although we might in time come to learn from his mistakes. He was generous with his mistakes.


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  1. AgnesIt’s my understanding that the Church was taken over and infiltrated by SPs, probably connected to other SPs running this planet. It makes perfect sense to me that they would target those closest to LRH and label them SPs. A thug has not place in an organization devoted to freeing spiritual beings and making them look and see that we have been enslaved. I doubt that the LRH described was actually LRH. He behaves like an SP. He must have been an actor put there to confuse people and destroy the organization. LRH was above the frailties of a body.
    1. urqbones@gmx.comMy goodness, Agnes, that’s a dramatic statement of opinion. I see you know all about LRH and have come to a really balanced conclusion based on direct experience!
      1. Marcel WengerKen,
        Thanks for starting that blog!
        I agree wholeheartedly with most of what you said so far.
        I have however a hard time thinking with what you (and a lot of other insiders for that matter) say about LRH’s “character”.
        Now like Agnes above I don’t know all about him either and certainly can’t form an opinion based on direct experience!
        But it just doesn’t make sense to me that the guy who developed this tech. would at the same time or a little later be such a jerk.
        It is, in my opinion, a glaring out-point! And it would certainly help to unearth the sherman tank, as a lot of people seem to come to the conclusion, that if he was so uncool and ended so sadly, the tech can’t be what they thought it was.
        In my search along those lines I recently came across some out-points that might point in the right direction. Like for instance: how come Ingo Swann was still in Scientology and interviewed by Advance Magazine in 1978, when by that time he had already been working for the CIA at the Rockefeller funded Stanford Research Institute for over 6 years.
        Do you have an explanation for this?
        1. urqbones@gmx.comHello, Marcel, and thank you for all you say. About the glaring outpoint you bring up: It’s hard to find a way of saying what I see as a complex set of truths (hard enough to summarize) that doesn’t sound like a cop-out. Let’s first get out of the way the distraction that the conspiracy theorists will always claim that any explanation other than conspiracy is a cop-out. I don’t go for Conspiracy because I don’t have the particular genius that sees chains of conspiracy in every drop of dew on every petal of every rose. [I could say, wickedly and unkindly, that I am not keyed-in to that particular set of implants, and I won’t say that. I didn’t say that.]
          To have a chance to see LRH’s totality (not an easy task) one has to see the totality of the context in which he lived and worked, doing the particular kind of work that he did. Step back from life on Earth for a bit. You can see how conditions are on Earth today. You can have an idea of what conditions were like on Earth when LRH completed his war service (regardless of true or false about his service history). He was not in good condition physically or mentally. He stepped on to the path of bringing about some recovery. He awoke or activated in himself the urge that led him into Dianetics and Scientology. Look at the Axioms of Scientology. What is the message? We get what we want to hear, I suppose. I hear: “You are responsible for your condition, and you can better it by taking responsibility for it, moving on from there. Trust yourself. Grow up.” Get your own idea of what the Axioms of Scn tell us. They go pretty much to the heart of any problem. Remind yourself of the conditions of life when LRH started communicating broadly. Relatively few people heard him and duplicated something. These were the people who thought that growing up (or whatever they heard in LRH’s originations) was good. But 98% or so, heard or understood nothing; a small portion of them heard something of the call towards sanity and responsibility, understood it, and went crazy. They are still crazy, and they have stirred up a lot of negativity against Hubbard and Scn (with help from H and Scn). I’m not going to call these latter crazy people Suppressives because the term has always been questionable and is now nonsensical. My question in answer to your question is: How can you be so surprised that Hubbard went PTS? We must do him justice in acknowledging that he took on an absurdly impossible task and that although in carrying it through he got terribly injured (and we give a nod towards his Flow Zero responsibilities) he carried it through as far as he did. In my opinion, he achieved a mega-miracle. Well, he also created a horrible mess. That’s PTS for you. We can wish him well in his recovery, and be ready to welcome him back when he’s ready to return and put things right. I’m hoping he will, for his sake. But as a person much wiser through learning from his mistakes. And rehabbed as the huge and wonderful character he was/is. He had True and Necessary nailed. They got at him by separating him from his own natural Kindness. Without that kindness, he would never have begun the good work he did. This is my view.
          I have no comment about Ingo Swann, no. No data on it.
          1. Robin ScottExcellent, Ken, thank you, my friend – a fascinating insight!
          2. urqbones@gmx.comThanks, Robin. One could take it further: What could anyone expect when effective Solution is suddenly shoved into the teeth of the Physical Universe’s unwavering dedication to Problem? What are the PU’s slaves going to do??
          3. Vinay AgarwalaIn my humble opinion, the mind has a limitation and that applies to Hubbard’s mind too.Mind has a limit to which it can stand to chaos. Too much chaos will overwhelm any mind. LRH was trying his absolute best to come up with solutions to an overwhelmed mind. He died a hero.I also do not buy the idea of suppressive person that has been overused by the current Church of Scientology. For LRH, SP was a case with too much chaos for which he did not have a solution as yet.For the current Church of Scientology, the number of SPs is growing because it is losing LRH tech rapidly that could have handled many of these cases they are misnaming “SP”.
          4. urqbones@gmx.comAgreeing with all you say here, Vinay. Thanks for your contributions and clarifications.
            Yes, we have learned that we could have done much more to support LRH in his struggles; we should have found a way to get around his insistence on writing the script for his movie, “I am The Only One Who Can”.
            I believe that LRH was right in separating out from those who absolutely refused to cease habits that were destructive to those around them. If you’re breeding first-class greyhounds you don’t fill your kennels with bad-tempered geese. But in dealing harshly with what he called “SP’s” he let down his natural kindness and generosity. By so doing, he let the “SP’s” and their bad habits define and own a part of his beingness. And a part of his group and his technology. We just couldn’t SEE it. Ah, well.
          5. Robin ScottHi KenIt has frequently occurred to me that LRH alone was not solely responsible for what happened with Scientology. All of those who got involved also effected the outcome, of course. We share in that responsibility. And all of those people brought their own particular brand of aberration with them! And religious groups have a habit of ending in madness.What I have always admired about you, my friend, is that you were one of the very first to walk away and try to do something about the situation. That demonstrates integrity and courage.Warmest regards, Robin
          6. urqbones@gmx.comThank you, Robin. I do agree that we could have and should have taken responsibility for allowing LRH to get away with his misbehaviours. And yes, the field is well booby-trapped. Must disagree with you — respectfully — about “trying to do something about the situation.” I did walk away, as did so many of us. I kept my own counsel. I joined David Mayo’s group in 1983 but other than those things I was not active in doing something about the c of s situation. I had no faintest idea of what to do, vaguely supposing that the c of s would soon explode or implode through sitting across a theta line. Boy, was that ever a wrong estimation. What I’m hoping to do now is to encourage the re-examination of the core technology. Fingers crossed. Thanks as always for your support, Robin.
          7. Robin ScottHi KenGiven who you were at that time , even joining David’s group was a significant gesture and contribution, my friend. I remember seeing you on Shiona Fox-Ness’s video in 1984, and it made a big impression.It is precisely my intention, hopefully before too long, to describe clearly the positive aspects of the core technology. They will be re-examined in time, even if it takes hundreds of years.The irony is that for me the whole package worked incredibly well, including the RPF, but sadly it was spoiled by idiots.All the best, Robin
          8. urqbones@gmx.comI get you, Robin, and thank you. Let’s mention at this point that while I joined an independent centre that another (David Mayo) set up, you went ahead and set up your own!
            Looking forward to your speaking out.
            Alas, the idiots took their cue from a man who had his own Idiot Mode — which we around him Q&A’d with idiotically.
        2. ValkovI think of Hubbard’s dianetics/scientology span as having 2 parts. I’ll use an analogy. First, he looked to find or create a valuable product he could promote and sell. This turned out to be the philosophies and technics of dianetics/scientology.Once he codified the basic philosophy, he worked on developing the technics of it all. This was the ongoing development of the practical “Bridge”.But once he had the basics of this, he turned his attention to the creation of a long-lasting temporal organization for the delivery and preservation of the vgaluable “product(s)” he had developed. This was a whole different kettle of fish. There were many directions he could have gone with this, but he intimated that the org pattern he wanted to use was that of an organization that had lasted for millions of years. He evidently tweaked this in creating his org board, or so he said.Well, things happened and he reacted and made decisions etc. Other people were involved, and we see the result today in the actual form and conduct of the CoS. It could have happened differently, and in fact it did happen differently also. He allowed Bill Robertson go off and try a somewhat different model. Mayo tried a different model. So did “Sarge” Gerbode, and many smaller offshoots. Did Ron forsee and in fact create the dispersal intentionally? In any case, the dispersal of dianetics/scientology ideas and principles into the societies of th eworld is irreversible, although may be not in the way Hubbard hoped for.
          1. urqbones@gmx.comComment from me: I question how you KNOW that this came first: ” First, he looked to find or create a valuable product he could promote and sell.” You are saying that there was nothing within him other than the desire to run a business of some kind?
          2. ValkovNo, I’m not saying that at all. However I do think that he wanted to turn his interests and purposes into something that would also provide him with a means to make a living for himself and his associates. I think that he choose as a “valuable final product” somehthing that could benefit a whole lot of people, maybe even the Dynamics as a whole, speaks volumes about what he had in him for goals and purposes, or incliniations. He could have, after all, chosen to get into the liquor business, or even into manufacturing and selling weapons selling wepons, guns and bombs for example, as a way of making money. Instead, he choose to develop and market ways of improving life that could be generally applied.
          3. urqbones@gmx.comThank you, Valkov. I agree that what he produced arose out of his interests and purposes. And of course, he had to make his activity viable. You might be interested to know that he said to me privately one day, in his office on the ship, “People think that I started this work only out of a this-lifetime purpose. I have been working on it for many lifetimes.” Now that is what he said to me, and would have been what he considered to be true, I believe.
          4. ValkovThanks Ken. I can relate. It’s good to hear from someone who actually knew him.And about your second reply, I got that feeling, that he wasn’t much into money until later, from the lectures I listend to. I think he was into having fun developing what he thought was going to be beneficial. Having fun because he felt he could see the light at the end of the tunnel.
          5. urqbones@gmx.comVery good, Valkov. We’re on the same page. I can add to what we’ve already said: When I first went to SH in 1963, he was working on what became the Clearing Course. He told me that he had stepped back from his management role in order to undertake and complete this task. When it was done, in late 1964, he went back into the management lines and found that the SH corporations had fallen into debt. He got the SH organization producing and delivering, with high income regularly, debts cleared. So we could see that while he had developed excellent business sense and skills, and could do the work of getting income, he made it for the organization, not for himself. He was outflowing to the world, principally, with attention only as necessary on inflow, and he understood how necessary the inflow of money is.
          6. urqbones@gmx.comSecond reply from me: I was close enough to LRH for long enough to see for myself that he had very little interest in money for himself — for his first dynamic — until 1973 and later. He did make sure that large amounts of money accumulated but they accumulated in the corporate reserves, not in his pockets. In 1973 he began changing money flows so that substantial amounts were paid to him.
      2. Vinay AgarwalaLOL!
  2. Robin Scott“some blessed spark will ignite a review and honest re-evaluation, carrying the best of the man’s work back into its rightful sphere as a source of helpful tools humankind can use. ”My remaining life’s ambition precisely, Ken! Good to see you validating the pluspoints – exactly what I intend to do in my own book in due course.Best, Robin
    1. urqbones@gmx.comGood luck with your book, Robin! Glad to know you will put your reflections on record too.
    2. Marcel WengerMy remaining life’s ambition precisely, too, Scott!
      Marcel Wenger
    3. chuckbeattyxSeaOrg75-03Robin,
      You are so brainy, I would read anything you’ve written in your decades of thinking and writing on Scientology, just because you are really a smart cookie.(I’ve thought my best future atheist, ex Scientologist [I enjoyed my decades of being sort of an in-house nerd to every line LRH wrote] contribution was to compile the writings of the smartest ex members, and you for sure are one of them.)I’d read your book or essays in a heartbeat.
      1. Robin ScottThanks, Chuck – that’s generous praise from a man like yourself, who has contributed so much over the years to right the wrongs. I respect and admire your courageous actions for a long time now, and remember you well from the FH ballroom in 1976, my friend!Interestingly, I come from a long line of Ministers of Religion, going back three hundred years; plus I had a degree from Oxford in Religious Philosophy, so I was well qualified intellectually to make value judgements about Scientology.All the very best, Robin
  3. Vinay AgarwalaI think much of the world was at Hubbard’s throat because he valued his own survival above everybody else’s. This resulted in his betrayal of many people who trusted him. He used “survival” as the basic principle of existence and focused on it. But the world is really “evolving” and not just “surviving”. Thus “survival” failed him philosophically too.Hubbard failed to evolve.
    1. urqbones@gmx.comWell, Vinay, I’d say he focused on the ‘survival’ of a valence. I’d say that we responded to his best flows and he produced them when IN valence. His shift of valence gave us some by-passed charge. I’m not sure that anyone on this Earth can say that an individual didn’t evolve as he ‘should’ have in a lifetime. Just maybe LRH did a heroic job of evolving as far as he did in the environment he found himself in. Not saying that this is the case. How would you judge that it isn’t? I don’t think you can. So how can you judge him at all in terms of evolving?
      1. Vinay AgarwalaI do not judge. I simply observed the following:(1) That LRH did not evolve out of his valence he wanted to ‘survive’. He rather got more sucked into it.(2) That LRH did not believe that anybody else could advance the subject of Scientology, so he closed his eyes to all critique good or bad. He even did his best to suppress all criticism till the end of his days.(3) That LRH did not want the philosophy of Scientology to discussed among its adherents. He wanted his philosophy to be accepted without question. Here I am talking about philosophy and not the tech.(4) LRH promoted a closed mind as it was graded positively on tests.(5) The law of Karma applies to everyone. It applied to LRH too.
  4. Stewart WilcoxI remember my first opinion when I wandered into Scientology in the late 60’s, it was that these Scientologists are giant beings, full of spiritual knowlege and power and wanting to help raise their fellow man (me in this instance,) up.
    I haven’t changed my mind about those first Scientologists who helped me out of the hole; they were giants and they did rescue me.
    What happened later after Ron crashed on his motor bike and became the awful thing he is remembered as, does not change what he gave us, and the Freezone will continue his legacy I’m sure. Thanks Ken for witnessing….
    1. urqbones@gmx.comStewart, I had the same kind of jolt in my first experience of Scientology. It was fourteen hours of group auditing over two days. It was like entering a lift and then going off like a rocket. What impressed me most was the auditor presence and session control, and then the effects of the sessions themselves. As I suffered from paralyzing stage fright, I really wanted that presence and ability to control self and hold others’ attention. That was in the old London Org on Fitzroy Street. Yes, the people in the org in those days were immensely enthusiastic and always friendly, full of energy and hope. In those days, the ARCU with and from Ron was palpable, and yes, over the years it lessened greatly. Sad. But there we are…
  5. Andrew SmithKen, do you have an opinion on the alleged OT8 text where Ron says he’s against Jesus? It seems to be consistent with his (also alleged ) admiration of Aleister Crowley. I speculate that he and AC were playing a game of “us against the universe” or “us against big Theta” and the poison that did them both in was the preference for power over love (eg the gasoline story ).As for myself I’m in my 2nd year of solo NOTS with help from Les and is going well. Love to you!
    1. urqbones@gmx.comHello, Andrew, and thanks for yours. 🙂 I don’t pay attention to any of the supposed OT8 materials made available on the internet. LRH never expressed to me any admiration for A.Crowley. Can’t comment on what games AC was playing; LRH’s games weren’t always open but I would agree that after producing his best work he moved over into preferring what he thought was ‘power’ to love, definitely. I have this question in mind to address in some detail later. Delighted to hear you’re happy with your SNOTs and working with Les. 🙂
  6. OnuLife is a game where everyone wins.
    We know this is true so we keep ttrying.“Some blessed spark will ignite a review and honest re-evaluation, carrying the man’s work back into its rightful sphere as a source of helpful tools humanity can use.”The major technical issue as far a I can see, is the non-resolution of VIAS to other determinisms, both outside and within existence.The non-resolution of vias to reference points per:ORIENTATION POINT, 1. that point in relation to which others have location. It is also that point from which the space containing the locations is being created. (COHA, p. 54) 2. a point of reference from which the position of other objects is judged. People are often found still using orientation points from childhood which may be thousands of miles from their present time location. The goal of Scientology is that the thetan be his own principal orientation point, and that he have the ability to use or discard any other point of reference. (COHA Gloss)The non-resolution of vias is the primary problem with the most fundamental process in Scientology which addresses the resolution of FORCE directly at all levels:Date/Locate.Vias on measuring systems should be accepted, as they are, but then taken up and resolved in the session immediately following, as a first priority.It is often found that vias on measuring systems are resolved as vias to winning valences, identities, know-points and knowingnesses at referential locations within space and/or people as pure theta.The consequences of the non-resolution of vias on measuring systems are self evident in the practical problems faced by LRH and Scientology.The secondary problem in Date/Locate is in the Date section which measure from PT to the other location. This is inverted. The persons attention at the moment of ‘blow’ is on the other location.The correct method is to measure from the other location to the PT Location at the tip of the finger by Direction, Distance from…. to PT Location and measure/countdown in complete units to Blow. The force blows at or near the vicinity of the PT Body. All of the persons attention is in PT at the moment of Blow.The consequences of the LRH version are apparent in the obsession with resolution of the whole track, Enities and BTs, all of which are out of PT and resolve as considerations of existence and theta postulates in PT.The tertiary problem with Date/Locate is that whereas both Location and Reach & Withdraw are primary actions of Life, Spotting only addresses Locate and does not resolve the persons ability to Reach & Withdraw.In the context of Date/Locate the function of Reach & Withdraw is resolved by the action of Measurement and Countdown to Blow. Thus it becomes self-evident that the following are essential:a) The resolution of vias on measuring systemsb) Establishing and maintaining a PT reference point at the moment of blowSpotting handles Location only.
    Determinisms impinge upon the ability to Reach & Withdraw.It actually requires a higher degree of confront to firstly spot location to blow and then differentiate distance from…. to PT and resolve the ability to Reach & Withdraw.None of the above can be acheived without the prior resolution of vias as they present themselves.Full application of these principles in a rising scale process which accommodates evolving skills and perceptions results in the rehabilitation of space oer the 8-8008 concept applied to the actual Physical Universe and Spheres of Interest instead of Mental Space.There are other technical areas which could be further inspected and clarified.
    The route in is the resolution of Date / Locate into a simplified and effective precise procedure based upon principles instead of PC and Auditor Realities as per the current version.Date/Locate is the most fundamental process in Scientology for the resolution of force.I am setting up an LRH Working Group based upon the foundation of LRH principles.The first focus is Out-Tech Repair & Correction followed by Service and is based upon Pure LRH.The above principles have proved of particular use in resolving out-tech in both the COS and Independent Field within my limited experience, resultant in the gradient rehabilitation of both ARC and KRC, including the resolution of vias to other determinisms.
    1. urqbones@gmx.comThank you, Onu. You are most welcome to ‘set out your stall’ (so to speak) here. You will be welcome in the future to make a paper or a detailed piece available to us by linking to it from this blog and by referring us to it. While I’m more than happy that knowledgeable, intelligent, and discerning people examine the body of tech that LRH left us, the specifics of the examination and the resulting material are beyond the scope of this particular blog. And also beyond the scope of my poor wits. 🙂
  7. FranHi Ken,
    Thanks for expressing your views regarding your perceptions, experiences and relationship with LRH. Viewpoints of the event from someone directly on the scene adds some clarity to a very confused event riddle with subjective projection/delusion,robotic brainwashed idealism and down right misinformation.
    Still “on occasion ” sorting out my own pictures of the event.
    Haven’t vaguely approached the enormous task of sorting out the “Tech”. Some probably workable, some very workable , and some probably a fair amount of “Bunk”.
    1. urqbones@gmx.comThank you, Fran. I agree: there is a huge job of sorting-out to do. One of LRH’s legacies is the need to do this work. To be fair, he was aware that it had to be done although he didn’t do it or get it done. We will have to hope that there will be enough people with the abilities, skills, wisdom, and integrity to do the work and to do it well — and in good time. How they will do that without the kind of training we’ve had up to now (in the best kind of academies and course-rooms) I just don’t know.
      1. Vinay AgarwalaI do not think that LRH provided much training for the ‘Source’ Hat. He pretty much kept it to himself. Even though he was widely read he did not encourage others to read widely.I do not think that anyone will find this kind of training “in the best kind of academies and course-rooms.” One simply has to be widely read.Sorry to be critical. I assure you I will let you know of my withholds in this area when I find them. Haha!
        1. urqbones@gmx.comWell, Vinay, I don’t see homo sapiens having much reality on what the TRs really are without a lot of help from people who have received good training on them — as one example. Am not particularly concerned, myself, about new and better tech. Am concerned about the simple tech that people can use in their everyday lives to help make things better in everyday life. I don’t regard you as critical. I note that you are, so far, emphasizing the negative. I doubt we will find anyone with time enough to pull YOUR withholds. I am not volunteering. 🙂
  8. Vinay AgarwalaKen, you have that British (or, Scottish) sense of humor that simply keeps the tea spilling in my hand.Keep it up! 🙂
    1. urqbones@gmx.comHello, Vinay. Glad to hear you’re scalding your hand. You keep that up, now. 🙂
  9. hadleyDear ken
    I enjoyed reading your blog some nice views written there .
    I have myself had a great experience in the earlier days of LR H and wouldn’t ever forget it . I am grateful to have had been there and working there and along side yourself Ken.
    I certainly agree LRH is not responsible for the state of the church it is today . His developments as written under him when alive was had produced great results . The working relationship and operations at St Hill was very nice , with good communication agmonst those that were with him at St Hill and with staff and generally it was all very positive people liked working there , The whole objective was training , auditing and promoting with the objective to enhance and make the able more able and improve one self .
    1. urqbones@gmx.comHello, Hadley, and thank you for visiting and for your kind words. I am so glad you have your happy memories. 🙂 I’m sorry to say that I don’t agree with your view that LRH is not responsible for the state of the c of s today. I observed him change as he aged (directly, between the years 1969 — 1975, and remotely thereafter) from the LRH we had known at SH. He grew more and more autocratic. He put in place and kept in place the people who took over command of the organization even before he died. He did not leave in place a structure that could have upheld the basic technology, ethics, and admin so many of us signed up for, in vain.
  10. OnuThanks for your acknowledgement, Ken. I shall take up your suggestion on any further similar comments. 😊On the subject of TRs amongst the general population I would say that having met and interacted with many types of people from differing walks of life, my opinion differs.Many people naturally have excellent TRs and communication skills plus a great deal of common sense. These are a combination of prescence and experience. Such persons may not be particularly interested in following a specific philosophy or dogma but nevertheless have a profound impact upon the people around them simply because of whom they are and the way they conduct themselves.I don’t hold with the LRH views on the condition of humanity and consider them somewhat primitive, archaic and born of his particular culture and background. I think most persons, namely the bulk of humanity, excepting those who accept LRH as a higher authority, would be inclined to agree with me. LRH forgot too easily that we are all human beings walking on the same ground facing the same problems, each in our own way.Each person is unique.
    We can all learn from each other.
    Frankly I am often amazed by the depth of understanding and the sheer ability and willingness to confront, participate and experience demonstrated by simple everyday people in everyday life.
    The basic truths of life are here to be found by everyone.
    1. urqbones@gmx.comThanks for this, Onu, and for accepting the term.
      I don’t disagree with you on your point. There are many able people doing wonderful things entirely separate of Scn theory and practice. This doesn’t invalidate Scn. What I’m having difficulty with is that all these decent, hardworking, responsible, and able people are so willing to have their lives structured and spoiled by fellow human beings who are not so ethical as they, not so decent, hardworking for the few, not responsible for the many, and able in causing mischief. What’s going on with these decent people that they put up with the mischief and the nonsense??
  11. OnuThe SP preys upon the gullibility of the PTS without whose sanction they could not exist here.Resolving this does take accepting people as they actually are.
    1. urqbones@gmx.comThank you, Onu. I hear all that you say. Would that all could hear it. How many have the ears to hear it with?Let me echo you with these lines from the Isha Upanishad, one of my most favourite passages:They who see all creatures in themselves, and themselves in all creatures, know no fear.
      They who see all creatures in themselves, and themselves in all creatures, know no grief.
      How can the multiplicity of life delude the one that sees Life’s unity?
      Full text here:
  12. OnuWithout Love, which is reflected within the confines of existence as Affinity and translated into ARC, Affinity, Reality and Communication – derived from and resultant in Understanding, we could not exist here.Yet we have freedom of choice.The person who has chosen love of light, good, life and constructive intent as their way of being cannot comprehend the person who has chosen love of dark, evil, death and destructive intent as their way of being.The only saving grace is that the power of destruction, death, evil and darkness in a negative sense, derives from Love. Once this has been recognised by the PTS they are free and naturally distance themselves from the source of the SP Phenomena.
    No evaluation of disconnection is necessary.In turn, the SP when they present themselves to find out what is going on with their prey and why the PTS is no longer under their control, with correct application of the TRs and Codes plus the distinction per the Code of Honour that Understanding does not necessarily imply agreement -be true to oneself -the SP is sessionable.The purpose, morals, ethics and sense of integrity of the SP is the antithesis of the PTS. Yet it also derives from Love.
    The pure unmotivated act that results in the assumption of beingness. For the SP this is simply love of darkness, evil, death and destructive intent. A choice.When the SP recognises that all their power derives from Love they are inexorably tranformed from within and over a period of time become invaluable contributing members of their families and communities with the full assumption of responsibility for redress of harm done, by choice.The PTS assumes the SP has the same purpose, morals, ethics and sense of integrity as their own whereas in truth it is the complete antithesis. Believing this to be true, that the SP is basically good, the PTS compromises, accepts the inversions, reversals and sacrifices and adopts the substituted stable data of the SP as their own, which the PTS then justifies by right/wrong assignments and assumptions and as a result generates a cyclic pattern of negation and unresolved problems to solve. Trapped by their own choices.Life in the physical universe is hard.
    Everything is made manifest.
  13. Scott GordonVery much enjoying these notes sharing your viewpoint and bits of history.
    1. urqbones@gmx.comThank you, Scott. And thank you for visiting. Hope we’ll see you again.

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