Blast from the Past (1991) 23 Jan 2017

My old friend Antony Phillips, known as Ant, has been in touch again recently. He was part of the London organization when I was a regular public person there in the late fifties.

Ant runs, among other things, a book circle on-line to which he sends each week an excerpt out of a basic Scientology book. We are now reading “A Summary of Scientology” by Jack Horner. Comments from readers are taken by Ant and conveyed to the circle each week. In answer to a comment from me, Ant was kind enough to mention this blog of mine to the readers. And he went on to say:

Ken has a lot of experience working closely with Ron and he has had forty years outside of the church to digest and meditate on it. It warms the cockles of my heart to see that he is willing to write up, rather carefully, the results. Once some years ago I asked Ken to write an article on his experience with Ron. This was for a birthday issue of IVyMagazine – Ron’s birthday, although Ron was dead at the time. Ken chose to write about his first experience with Ron where he acted as Ron’s valet and amongst other things helped Ron get up. That in itself is very revealing, and you can read it at the following link: . You scroll down to page 13.

I’m including Ant’s kind words because they’re kind (not to mention true and necessary) and because they introduce and link to the article he mentions, written in 1991. In fact, the link is to the entirety of that issue of the magazine (which is, sadly, no longer in print), and, as he says, you scroll down to read my bit. As Ant has reminded me of this piece and has provided the link, I’m making it available as of possible interest to readers here, with Ant’s permission. The other contributions are informative.

More information about Ant’s escapades is at:  , well worth the exploration, particularly his recountings of history and his reflections thereon.

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5 Replies to “Blast from the Past (1991) 23 Jan 2017”

  1. Dan KoonNice. I will definitely check it out.Reply
  2. Rodger WrightHi Ken,I’m pleased to see you are well and prospering. Your calm and insightful comments on the earlier days of the movement are very valuable in putting things in perspective.Cheers,
    1. urqbones@gmx.comHello, Rodger, and thanks for yours. [Apologies; I’ve known three Roger/Rodger Wrights and am not able to tell which you are.]Reply
      1. .It’s unlikely you knew 3 Rodger Wrights, but you would have known 3 Rodger/Rogers, being Roger Bidell, Roger ?? (S.O.) and myself.You were LRH Comm SH, then LRH Comm WW. I took over from you at WW Tall. American guy who I am told was renowned for looking after his staff. Gloria Ramos, Eliane Giradot and Eva Isaacson worked under me. Wifie at the time Rochelle (is/was Rochelle Eriksen)Have some great stories to tell somewhere, sometime.Cheers – RodgerReply
        1. urqbones@gmx.comHello, Rodger, and of course I remember you, and Rochelle. The three names you mention are all familiar; I think that Eva came to the ship but I can’t remember which Scandinavian beauty was she. I should have remembered your very distinguishing ‘d’. Sorry about that. Were you LRH Comm WW when I was HCOESWW, or was that Casey? Hope all well for you. Please tell your stories!Reply

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